Your Questions About Leaky Gut Syndrome

Steven asks…

Why are tomatoes bad for “leaky gut?

I can understand gluten, sugars, diet drinks, etc.
But tomatoes?
Any other surprising foods that might be bad for this nasty constant feeling in digestive system?

Fixing myself up – you nasty people with your nasty answers go have a banana.


As I understand it, tomatoes are sometimes included because they are members of the nightshade family, along with peppers, potatoes, and eggplants. Folks who have gut issues seem to have a slightly higher risk of reacting to foods in the nightshade family.

Grains are one that surprised me, but I am meeting more people these days who went completely grain free, not just gluten free, and felt MUCH better. I don’t know if it’s contamination of the grains, or it’s the grain themselves, but it’s a slowly growing trend (not a big trend, but it does seem to be growing).

Coffee and tea – also can be harsh on sensitive stomachs.

Foods in the allium family, like onions and garlic. Some people find that these exacerbate stomach issues for them until they have healed up.

Fresh turmeric, on the other hand, is slightly anti-inflammatory (about 600-700 mg amounts to about 1/2 an ibuprofen), so that can be good to add to one’s food. :-)

Carol asks…

I have a five month old baby and we have been trying rice cereal for about a week. When can we starrt veggies?


Generally you should leave at least 3 days between foods, so that if your baby has a reaction, you can determine which food it was. If you add a bunch at once, and there is a reaction, there is no way to know what it was to.

I would be careful with the rice cereal, it can be very constipating for babies under 6 months. Lots of babies are totally fine, but I recently had a friend who started solids too early (under 6 months) and her little guy got constipated because his digestive system could not handle the added iron. She had to take him off the food and now because he had that issue, she has to wait longer than the 6 months now so that his system repairs and does not reject the food again.

If your baby is not having any problems yet, then I am sure she/he will be fine. Also, bananas are very constipating also!

So since you are past that 3 day period, assuming without problem, go ahead and add veggies!!! I will post some info from you about adding foods.

Best of luck!

EDIT: Info from a naturopath about adding foods and the order that a friend passed along to me. I did show it to my doc and he really liked it!

The naturopath said if you follow this guideline that it helps prevent allergies. If you introduce certain foods such as wheat too early they could develop an allergy because they have “leaky guts” until about 2 yrs.

The guideline says to start with 1tsp of new food, and introduce no more than 1 new food every 3 days. Watch for reactions such as irritability, rashes, constipation, diarrhea, colic, gas, runny nose and watery eyes. Solid food should always follow breast milk as this is sill your infant’s main protein source.

Foods to introduce at 6 months include…
Carrots, yams, apples, peas, sweet potatoes, prunes, blueberries, apricots, squash, peaches and plums. All food should be cooked and blended and filtered water should be offered.

9 months
Green beans, cherries, blackberries, grapes, rice, kiwi, pears, papaya, banana, avocado, spinach, swiss chard, asparagus, potatoes, artichoke and millet.
Again all food cooked except for bananas and avocados and blended.

12 months
Oatmeal (blended), honey, molasses, broccoli, cauliflower, barley, onions (well cooked), nut milks, garlic (well cooked), ground flax seeds, organic goat cheese, orgnaic goat yogurt, cucumber, sprouted beans/legumes and tahini.

18 months
organic poultry, fish (salmon/tuna), tomatoes, turnip, eggplant, parsnips, peppers, buckwheat, mushrooms, chickpeas, sprouted wheat, organic lamb, organic yogurt, kelp, rye,corn and oranges.

21 months
orgnaic cheese, organic eggs, organic wheat, lentils and all beans.

2 years
All other foods.

Helen asks…

Do i have a hernia or something else?

Hi….for the last week i have had a dull (mostly) slight pain just under my belly button and a little bit to the left, if i touch my belly button it feels really wierd, and i kind of cringe, it just feels strange. its like having a permanent stich……..recently i have started having banana orange and blueberries every morning, and it started pretty much after that……anyone know why????


Hummmm. Could that be a muscle spasm? You might try getting the area nice and warm in the shower and rubbing it nice and then stretching as much as you can – see if that doesn’t drive it away.

I have seen hernias happen right there – but I haven’t had one, so I don’t know what they feel like. I guess they’re pretty benign things – a friend of mine has one and he’s never had it repaired.

A full-blown hernia will stick out, of course – looks like a GIGANTIC pimple.

Wouldn’t have anything to do with what you’re eating unless the funny feeling comes from problem in the wall of the large gut – like “leaky gut syndrome”. But that’s usually quite painful.

Laura asks…

rice cereal causing upset tummy?

I started to give my son rice cereal a few weeks ago when he was 3 1/2 mths. i was gonna try again now thats he is older but i wasnt sure if i should try rice again or a different type of cereal.


The World Health Organisation recommends not giving any solids until the baby is at least 6 months of age. Early feeding of solids is linked in research to increased rates of Type 1 diabetes, asthma and allergies.

Baby’s younger than 6 months have stomach walls which can leak larger particles out of the gut and into the blood stream (leaky gut syndrome) which is why they think the higher rates of immune issues are caused by early solids.

Please hold off the solids until your baby is older (anecdotes suggest solids help babies sleep better but this is not supported by the research). A great way of starting solids when your baby is older is called “Baby Led Weaning” based on the research of Gil Rapley from the UK. Http:// It is the feeding of finger food rather than purees and it helps the baby self regulate food intake. This helps not only with portion but also with foods that the baby finds upset them (if the cause and effect is close enough together for the baby to recognise).

Also, the normal BRAT weaning diet (Bananas, rice cereal, apples, toast) is very constipating, so not really a good way of introducing food to a body which is used to milk only!

Mark asks…

Is 190lbs bad for a 6’0 feet men?

Because I feel fat size pants 38w 32L lose sometimes Xl shirt I have a large frame and belly. I don’t even eat a lot I say 1300caloires a day walk& run 4 miles a day


All comes back to mental clarity. If you suffer from highs and lows, there may be too much fat in your diet, and not enough healthy calories from fruits and veggies.

If by large belly you mean bloat then yes I would say this weight is unhealthy. Bloat can either signify a chronic state of inflammation (which means maybe you are eating too many acid forming foods), too many grains (maybe beer) which cause a condition called leaky gut… Where particles exit the intestinal lining and cause inflammation to eradicate the foreign objects from the blood, or maybe you have a food sensitivity.

I’d say if you wanna lose weight and become healthy, simple is better. Avoid processed foods, and eat more raw.

Also, 1300 calories a day is not good. I can almost guarantee you are suffering from brain fogginess and lose mental clarity all the time. I can bet you suffer from highs and lows… And don’t know why. What you probably don’t know is that your body runs off sugar. This means every cell in your body needs sugar to fire properly. And also needs to burn calories as fuel. If you are calorie and carbohydrate deficient your body cannot thrive.

I’m 160 lb male, at 5’8″… Shredded, and i’m a raw vegan. I actually ate 30 bananas today. That offers my body LOADS OF FUEL from healthy carbohydrates (fructose does not effect insulin like other sugars do), 3000 calories, with no sugar rush or crash, and also offers my body the 150 grams of protein (about 5 grams of protein per banana, and bananas are considered a complete protein, which means it can be used to repair muscle). When I started to make great changes in health and how I felt was the day I started drinking a liter of water when I woke up in the morning, and started eating 10 bananas around 8am.

If you have any questions man or need any help let me know. ->

Sandy asks…

Allergic to fruit?

I know someone that is allergic to fruit. And I know that sounds weird, but they thought at first that it might have been pesticides or something like that, but even the organic stuff gives a reaction.
They didn’t ask me to figure this out for them or anything but I’ve never heard of just being allergic to fruit as a whole before so I’m sorta curious if there’s a reason?
I don’t klnow if they can eat cooked fruit or not, I don’t think they’ve ever tried because they don’t know what they have. I’ll suggest it though to see.


I have kids with various fruit/vegetable allergies. It was tough for me to believe because fruits/veggies are ‘healthy foods.’

When foods are cooked, their proteins break down and the food can be tolerated. For example, someone might get a headache from eating a banana, but have no problems with banana bread. Fresh peaches are a problem, but canned peaches are okay.

Here’s a web site that shows how foods are related:

My daughter is terribly allergic to almonds, but refused to eat peaches or cherries. An allergy test showed she’s got mild allergies to peaches and cherries. If I had looked on that web site, I would have seen that almonds are related to peaches and cherries. She wouldn’t have had them put in front of her so often.

One explanation I’ve been told for developing food allergies is called Leaky Gut. I’m not a physician, but this is my ‘dumbed down’ version: Your body can’t break down the proteins of food and they end up in your blood, so your immune system sees them as an invader. Eventually, your body has strong reactions to the invading protein anywhere in your body (in your mouth, stomach).

Sandra asks…

Tramadol vs. Percocet?

Does percocet cause more or less urinary retention then tramadol? i just started taking tramadol today and i can hardly get any urin out, when im trying to pee is a really weak stream thats cuts on and off, and my pelvis gets strange sensations while im trying like kinda loose sensation and have weak sensatoin.. but it also feels like a strong sensation at the same time.. weird
i am a 22 year old male, with chronic pain .. thats has been rapidly getting worse over the past 5 months i suspect infection in intestines (due to the ammount of mucus) i also have become chronicly constipaed i take miralax about 40g per day, and can only pass moosh. i also can not poop unless i do it standing (into toilet paper, i dont poop on the floor)
also tramadol has made me have no apitite, how does this compare with percocet? also somtimes gives me bad abdominal cramps/pain, how does this compare?
1 more thing this is my first day taking tramadol, it made me a little depressed, how does this compare with percocet?
the last dr. i went to said maybe i have ibs and proscribed me bentyl, it helped a little.. but there is so much pain in my whole body (worse on my left side) that bentyl is not worth taking, also had other side effects that i will not deal with.. changes of heart beat.. and just other stuff.. i did not think that was a safe med at all
another thing is, nov – dec laster year i did some anal masterbation i think i was really rough (im not homosexual) .. but one thing to knwo is i have had pain since i was a teen.. i delt with it useing marijuana up untill 05.. then i used nothing just delt with it.. (now its way too much to deal with)
i have whole body pain from a seperate issue i think.. cause i have had pain for the last 8 years, but in the past 5 months the pain has changed big time all kinds of new sensations ( felling like little quick injections of fluid in my ribs/back of head/gut/back, also heat sensation mostly off the left side of my tail bone, feeling like i have razor blade cuts under the skin in my left thigh/ left side pelvis/ left side just under ribs / over ribs/ back / back of head, front of left shoulder / back of elbow, my left hand feels weird bad .. i cant explain that feeling very unplesent and it burns too. like i said the pain has never been this bad, also both my legs shake when walking down stairs and if i bend my legs while standing, and my left leg buckels at the knee.. and is getting worse rapidly over the past 5 months. also get some vague sensation on my head top/ left side back of ear area, and back of head. also the pain stings somtimes
i look healthy
Topsey please re-read if you look i have had really bad constipation for months.. i was not taking any pain killers i tryed bentyl and stoped it cause of side effects.. i didnt take any other pain meds now i need them.. and i just started taking this today im not insulting your inteligence but you just faded off the board, you have my attention please try and give somthing , i knwo its not easy , ALSO i had a colonoscopy in march / CT abdomen/pelvis / many blood tests … also i had high calcium for months ( i had thyroid tests too) ALSO if anyone has taken both meds try and help me with the original question because its like somone fliped a switch and i can’t pee. i just pee’d into a bottle while laying down .. cause i needed to be super relaxed to get any out.. didnt get much out i’d say 4 oz
thanks for you simpathy topsy i love that you took the time really thank you. i will call the dr. tomarrow and see if he can prescribe somthing else, and see if he wants to test my urine thanks hun


Wow, I really don’t know. But I wanted to respond because it sounds like you may have IBS. Are you aware of this already?

What has your doctor done for you already?

First, you should be eating less meat and more green. Eat lots of fiber, raw vegetables and fruit (but no bananas), and drink plenty of water. Second, you need to be exercising because activity and movement of the body helps things to “flow”.

“Be very careful of painkillers. Painkillers, especially narcotic ones such as hydrocodone (Vicodin, Lorcet, Norco) and oxycodone (Percocet and Oxycontin), can cause constipation. In this case consult your doctor/pharmacist to make sure that your meds don’t need to be adjusted.”

You are a young guy. I think you need to get off the painkillers and get to the root of the problem so you won’t need them. They may be causing this urination problem and the constipation problem. You need to ask your doctor if he would recommend a colonoscopy. With all the stomach and bowel pain you are having, you need to see about Chron’s disease and other problems.

I really hope you can find relief and the right answer! You need to be persistent with your doctor and tell him how you are feeling. Some of your symptoms make me wonder about you needing to see a neurologist just to rule it out. But it may be as simple as getting on a better diet and following a healthier lifestyle; a good homeopathic doctor could really help in that area.

Are you familiar with celiac disease?

Are you familiar with leaky gut syndrome?

Are you familiar with fibromyalgia?

Also, is there a chance your symptoms could be depression or anxiety related? You may be surprised to hear this, but it can reek havoc on your body and won’t show up on the tests.

*edit again*
Sorry, I missed that you just started the Tramadol today. You say it’s like a switch was flipped, so I would recommend calling your pharmacist to ask what they think about the urinary problem as a result of the tramadol. I would bet money they will tell you to not take it again until you can speak with your doctor.

Try taking a warm bath with epsom salt and relax. Call your doctor tomorrow and get tested for a urinary tract infection.

Buy some 100% cranberry juice. And buy some ruby red grapefruit and eat it every morning for a week and see if it helps with your constipation. I don’t care if you think it is sour, that stuff is cleansing!

I really feel bad for you. I know I am not much help, but I wish you all the best and hope you will be diligent in finding your cure. Always follow up with your doctors; don’t let them forget about you.

Good luck.

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